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Any chance that this will get the dead tree treatment in the near future??
People keep asking me that, but it's not really a reasonable question.
You of all people Chris should realise that there is no such thing as the wrong or an unreasonable question
It's incorrect enough just to say there's no such thing as a wrong or bad question, silly platitudes aside, but it should be obvious that there's many possible examples of an unreasonable question. It's trivial for me to come up with about a dozen or so hypothetical examples off the top of my head of a question that would be considered unreasonable: one that invades a person's privacy, one that includes implicit false or overly strong assumptions and so can't be answered in a reasonable manner, one asked in a panel discussion or lecture on a subject completely off the intended topic and beyond the purview of knowledge of the speakers. It just takes a moment's thought to come up with examples of unreasonable questions.
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