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Re: STTNG: A Final Unity.....on my phone!

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I just got an experia arc. I am illiterate when it comes to games. Any chance you could show how to get the game onto your phone please?

I don't have the means to create a video of that, but I'm happy to assist over this thread.

you will need some sort of file manager for android. I use ES File Explorer.

first off, use google and find a free software app that can create .iso images from a disc. Nero is one that I know works.

then copy that .iso file to your sd card.

On mine, I made a folder called dos to put batch files in (will explain that as we get to it) and an iso folder to put the disc images in.


I keep the name as short as possible and all lower case...keep it simple.

download and install the aDosbox 0.2.5 version found here:

edit the dosbox-0.74.conf located in:

change these lines:
memsize=8 (change to 16)
cycles=auto (change to 2600)

at the very bottom end of the file add:

mount c: /sdcard/dos

now save it as: dosbox.conf

when you launch dosbox there are options to configure it to use a custom .conf file,
you will want to point it at the dosbox.conf you just altered.

now run dosbox.

bring up the keyboard type in:
imgmount d c:\iso\tng.iso -t iso (then hit enter)

then type:
d:\ (hit enter)
install (hit enter)

this will install final unity. I installed it to the dos folder which is c:\ in dosbox.
so it ended up in c:\sttng

all you really need to do after this point is launch the game.

I made a batch file to automatically mount the iso image and launch tng. This is also in the Dos folder on the sdcard.

I made it on my pc then just copied it over to make it easier.
It's called tng.bat

the text in it is:

imgmount d c:\iso\tng.iso -t iso
cd sttng

so all you would need to do now is launch dosbox and type in:

then the image will mount and launch the game.

this works for all the other games as well.
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