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Re: First 20 Pages of The Struggle Within Avaiable on S&

I don't quite understand the fierce objections myself, but different people like different formats. There are people who only read novels and not comics, or vice-versa. There are people who love TV but don't like to read, and vice-versa. But that's why it's good business to diversify the market. Not everybody who bought the Myriad Universes trades bought the IDW comic under that banner. Not everybody who bought the DS9 relaunch novels bought Divided We Fall. Heck, 99 percent of the people who watch Star Trek on TV or in the movie theater don't buy the books. The goal of doing such tie-ins is to try to build a crossover market -- not just to broaden the appeal to more audiences but to give fans of one medium an incentive to try a different medium they might not otherwise have tried. Not everyone's going to choose to go along with that, and that's their choice, but that doesn't invalidate the goal.
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