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Re: First 20 Pages of The Struggle Within Avaiable on S&

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Good for them, hopefully it will work well and every single publication will be done digitally. I for one will then discontinue reading Trek books as I have no intention of reading books on a screen.
I don't understand this. If you spend pretty much any time on the internet you read stuff on a screen, so why is it so horrible to read books off a screen? And if there is a reason that you can't handle reading off a screen for long periods, then you should really try out an e-reader, thanks to the e-ink screens and the size and shape of the readers, it doesn't really feel or look that different from reading a paperback. Hell, it's lighter than a hardcover, you don't have to worry about faded ink, and you can change the text style and size at will. I still go back and forth between paper and my Nook, and TBH I enjoy reading off of the Nook alot more than I do the paper books.
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