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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

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A romantic interest for a brooding, somewhat sullen character like Garrovick somehow rings false. Certainly feelings of earned, mutual respect strikes me as much more believable.
I`m glad not to be the only person who views Garrovick in that manner. There have been two STARSHIP EXETER episodes up to now and I`ll be damned if I can remember ONE scene where we see Jimm Johnson smiling.
Contrast that with the first few minutes of `WHERE NO MAN HAS GONE BEFORE`, where Kirk is grinning all over the place as he beats his first officer at 3-D chess, and gloats. Quite a difference in leading men.

As for The Atlantis Invaders, I didn`t elaborate what i was planning, but I hadn't intended to show Garrovick and Tri`tillya holding hands and pledging `forever love`by the third act.
Garrovick is the kind of character you just want to f*** with, like an unfunny Spider-man.
I would have had the both of them involved in dangerous situations throughout the episode, where little by little Garrovick finally starts to notice the woman by his side. First
impatience (as he is with all the females), then confusion, then respect, then caring.

and just when his heart finally opens up a little bit. BAM!! you take her away from him by having her die unexpectedly. making him retreat back behind his wall...
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