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Re: Abrams Commits To Direct

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Attempts to try to make me feel marginalized in my views on "Abrams Trek", or on any of my views have & will always fail miserably.
You already feel marginalized. That's why you're so reactive to what you perceive as criticism.

And, in fact, you're "marginalized" by the marketplace rather than by the fact that most fans like the last movie.

You know other fans that didn't like it? That's fine. It's to be expected. Some Trek fans didn't like TNG. Some didn't like DS9. Many didn't care for Voyager or Enterprise. And you'll find a few at TrekBBS who actually are bored by TOS (not I). Nonetheless, we're getting another nuTrek movie because the vast majority of people who are interested in Star Trek at all supported the last one.

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