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Re: Abrams Commits To Direct

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I'm 42; been an avid fan of Star Trek in its entirety since the early 80's - and I love JJ's Trek. For me, it captures the spirit of TOS perfectly, albeit in an updated iteration. Tidus, I feel you're overreacting just a smidgen - I'm certain Jeff's initial response was not intended as insulting in any way, and was given purely in the interests of debate.
I am not the only person who doesn't prefer "Abrams Trek". Just because the board is mostly pro "Abrams Trek" doesn't mean that other fans out there don't feel the same way I do. There are plenty of fans out there who I have seen express the same dissatisfaction as myself who aren't on this board.

Attempts to try to make me feel marginalized in my views on "Abrams Trek", or on any of my views have & will always fail miserably.
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