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Re: Abrams Commits To Direct

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I feel the same way that Roy Disney did when he described Disney as having lost its soul. I can't help but feel the same way about Star Trek with the state of things in relating to all things Star Trek.

I am disappointed by the direction that Star Trek has moved in since the cancellation of Star Trek: Enterprise. First Kathryn Janeway is killed off & replaced by some new faceless replacement. Then J.J. Abrams turned Star Trek into something shallow that doesn’t stay true to the ideals that Gene Roddenberry established for the franchise. The film plot felt very shallow & was just another excuse for gratuitous use of CGI that looks like every other movie that Hollywood produces these days. It felt like Star Trek: 90210 to me (lots of pretty faces just in the film, and unnecessary scenes of people getting it on for sex appeal which does nothing to add to the story).

“Abrams Trek” does not represent the fans that made Star what it was prior his hijacking the entire Star Trek universe. It is insulting that J.J. Abrams felt that it was necessary to appeal to a new or casual fan that generally would have no interest in Star Trek in the first place. Where does that leave lifelong Star Trek fans such as me, who have actually helped shape Star Trek over the years by investing much of my time & money?

I have been a Star Trek fan for most of my life & I feel like Star Trek has been hijacked by people who do really care about it & are only just interested in milking the franchise for money regardless of how badly they destroy/ruin the Star Trek that lifelong fans created

Ever since Paramount decided split the franchise rights with CBS the entire franchise has taken a direction that deeply saddens me. Since that split the entirety of Star Trek has been treated with disrespect (in the books, films, and especially by J.J. Abrams).

It gives me great pain to say this but I would rather see Star Trek die rather then see its Legacy continue to be destroyed/ruined & tarnished by those who only are interested in milking the franchise for every penny they can bleed out of it until the point in which they decide to just leave it on the side of the road to wither & die.

I don’t dislike that Paramount decided to go back & revisit The Original Series, and it isn’t really even the actors that bother me. This issues that I have with the film are that I felt that the film was somewhat shallow & unbelievable, nor did I see that it held true to the same ideals that Gene Roddenberry envisioned in Star Trek.

I dislike the liberties that they took with the franchise. My list of annoyances with the film include Vulcan being destroyed, the Spock/Uhura relationship, the “we are in a new timeline now” thing to justify those changes, bad CGI, goofy cornball comedy i.e. Kirk’s hands & lips swelling up making him look like a cartoon character, Scotty getting stuck inside of a water pipe & being bounced around as if he were in a pinball machine, and the superfluous scene of Kirk getting it on with Uhura’s roommate (I am not a prude, but I don’t feel that this scene added anything to the film, and was just a cheap way to include scantly clad bodies just for sex appeal).

I would have been fine with them telling new stories about Kirk & his crew that didn’t conflict with everything that was already established. Also I would have been fine with stories about either Captain Pike & his crew, or Captain April & his crew.
I completely disagree with this. I loved the movie and have been a fan since 1975. The franchise had grown stale Enterprise under performed and was canceled Nemesis (an ok Star Trek movie) also under performed at the box office. Star Trek needed a fresh approach and something new. JJ Abrams revived a dying patient and Star Trek now has new life.
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