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Re: First 20 Pages of The Struggle Within Avaiable on S&

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Any chance that this will get the dead tree treatment in the near future??
People keep asking me that, but it's not really a reasonable question.
You of all people Chris should realise that there is no such thing as the wrong or an unreasonable question, it is a fully reasonable question and until it is published on paper instead of digitally, people will ask.

It's meant to be an e-book. E-books are a much bigger thing now in the market than they were a few years ago, and this is Simon & Schuster's attempt to get back into that market with Trek. And it's only 25,000 words. It's a novella, not a novel. It's way, way too short to be published as a standalone book.
Good for them, hopefully it will work well and every single publication will be done digitally. I for one will then discontinue reading Trek books as I have no intention of reading books on a screen.

If it does well, there will probably be more e-books, in which case, maybe, eventually, years from now, there may be enough for a print collection, once the last 8 Corps of Engineers e-books and Slings and Arrows have seen print and once there's a gap in the schedule. Eventually. Someday. But in the near future? No way. That doesn't even make sense.
As for publishing it in "hard form." How about it being included with another Typhon Pact related story. This has been done before with Star Wars Novels, the ebook Ylseia was included in the paperback reprint of Destinys Way. I'm surprised you are thinking so two dimensionally when it comes to the publishing of one of your stories and it reaching a far wider audience.

It's an e-book. That's what it's meant to be. That's the market it's specifically designed for. And I wish people would just accept that.
Well that is fundamentally wrong from a business viewpoint, I'm sure ebooks are really easy and have their own place, but how is an ebook any different from a normal hard copy book in the way the prose is presented?

From reading the preview linked (and not enjoying it one bit) I can't see any difference. It still has sentences, it still has the structure one finds in a book so proclaiming that it's an ebook and that's what it's meant to be is just wrong. It should be designed for both e and hard copy and not to specifically fit in one or the other. By only aiming it at one type of readership, yes it's a larger audience then it was five years ago, but it's still not a massive audience and by only aiming at that one audience, you are alienating people who would read the story because it has Star Trek or Christopher L Bennent on the "front cover" and I just wish people accepted that!
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