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Re: "Ghostbusters" Theatrical Re-Release for Halloween 2011!

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There are some independent theatres near me that run older movies all the time, even if it's just for one or two nights. Just in the last year I've seen 'Die Hard,' 'Robocop,' 'The Terminator,' 'Office Space,' 'Fight Club' and 'Jurassic Park' all on the big screen.
What's the size of your market, though?

There are a lot of independent theaters that show older movies on a regular basis, but since the cost to rent the prints are so obscenely high, they're usually just projecting the DVDs (or, more recently, Blu-ray Discs). An independent theater here in Madison, Wis., advertised a RoboCop / Ghostbusters double feature not too long ago, but after I talked to the owners and found they were only projecting a 720x480 DVD onto a big screen, I said "Thanks, but no thanks."
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