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Re: Abrams Commits To Direct

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It is insulting that J.J. Abrams felt that it was necessary to appeal to a new or casual fan that generally would have no interest in Star Trek in the first place.
It's insulting that you'd have preferred the film performed dreadfully and effectively killed Trek's chances at any sort of non-lit revival in the next 15 years.
I am entitled to my opinion on the film. Sorry that you cannot handle & accept a dissenting view about the "Abrams Trek" universe. Last time I checked I lived in a free country where freedom of speech is still alive. I will speak my mind anytime I want regardless of if certain people like it or not. You donít have the monopoly on pro ďAbrams TrekĒ being the only point of view allowed. Get over yourself .

Never did I say that I wanted J.J. Abrams to fail in making a new film. Lets see what I really said shall we?

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I donít dislike that Paramount decided to go back & revisit The Original Series, and it isnít really even the actors that bother me. This issues that I have with the film are that I felt that the film was somewhat shallow & unbelievable, nor did I see that it held true to the same ideals that Gene Roddenberry envisioned in Star Trek.

I dislike the liberties that they took with the franchise. My list of annoyances with the film include Vulcan being destroyed, the Spock/Uhura relationship, the ďwe are in a new timeline nowĒ thing to justify those changes, bad CGI, goofy cornball comedy i.e. Kirkís hands & lips swelling up making him look like a cartoon character, Scotty getting stuck inside of a water pipe & being bounced around as if he were in a pinball machine, and the superfluous scene of Kirk getting it on with Uhuraís roommate (I am not a prude, but I donít feel that this scene added anything to the film, and was just a cheap way to include scantly clad bodies just for sex appeal).

I would have been fine with them telling new stories about Kirk & his crew that didnít conflict with everything that was already established. Also I would have been fine with stories about either Captain Pike & his crew, or Captain April & his crew.
Hmmmmm, now that doesnít sound like I wanted the film to fail. I said that instead of making it shallow he should have respected what was already established in Star Trek instead of conflicting with everything that was already established.

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This isn't about what you specifically want, Tidus. This is about what people in general want. Oftentimes those two don't always intersect. It's happened to me before and I'm sure it's happened to you before, too.

So if nuTrek isn't for you then back away from it. Don't waste your life talking about how insulted you are by it -- it's been over two years since the eleventh film premiered, surely you've said everything there is to say on it by now?

Why don't you stay calm, watch the old Trek you knew and loved and play FFX HD when it comes out. That is where your user name is from, right?

ETA: And if I'm correct and that's where your user name is from then allow me to paint you a colorful metaphor -- I thought FFX-2 was the most offensive sequel I've ever gone near. AbramsTrek may not be a sequel but it's clearly a relevant connection because you're reacting similarly to how I did with X-2. So what did I do? I vented a while and then just ignored the game. I now play FFX every two years or so and never touch X-2. For me, it didn't happen. Easy peasy.
Childish attacks from a childish person are my feeling about your attacks upon me.
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