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Re: The most disliked episode of DS9 - Part Three

DevilEyes wrote: View Post
Me and Geck posted at almost the same time, so which 4 are you referring to? It is 3 now.
I can't keep up. I was replying to you so was including The Search Part 2 in there...

Geck wrote: View Post
Yeah, people often tend to see season 3 as the turning point for the series, when it started to become great, but....aside from a half-dozen highlights, I think it's probably the weakest season of the whole show.
Posted by DevilEyes:
Season 1 is weaker.
Yeah season 1 is weaker than 3, but I like season 2 a hair more. I guess it depends on how into Bajor you were or not.

The correct () sequence is: 5-7-6-4-2-3-1. Though 6 & 7, and 4 & 2 tend to float around a bit if I'm rewatching.

And woo! Meridian is this season's stinker! Though we all knew this! This episode does have a pretty amazing B-plot though.
Aren't you just a little bit curious?
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