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Re: Abrams Commits To Direct

This isn't about what you specifically want, Tidus. This is about what people in general want. Oftentimes those two don't always intersect. It's happened to me before and I'm sure it's happened to you before, too.

So if nuTrek isn't for you then back away from it. Don't waste your life talking about how insulted you are by it -- it's been over two years since the eleventh film premiered, surely you've said everything there is to say on it by now?

Why don't you stay calm, watch the old Trek you knew and loved and play FFX HD when it comes out. That is where your user name is from, right?

ETA: And if I'm correct and that's where your user name is from then allow me to paint you a colorful metaphor -- I thought FFX-2 was the most offensive sequel I've ever gone near. AbramsTrek may not be a sequel but it's clearly a relevant connection because you're reacting similarly to how I did with X-2. So what did I do? I vented a while and then just ignored the game. I now play FFX every two years or so and never touch X-2. For me, it didn't happen. Easy peasy.
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