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On planet ATLANTIS VI, the Starship EXETER is summoned to stop a possible alien invasion. On the surface, an amphibian being is captured. Soon after, before he can be thoroughly questioned, three more amphibians strike at the Exeter officers with energy weapons and overtake them. A fourth one, a female, wallops the Captain into unconsciousness.
Finally we get to the character of Tri`tillya. I must admit she was the most difficult one of all to get a handle on because, basically, she really has NO personality to speak of. Add to that the fact that somehow Captain Garrovick needs to fall in love with her during this story.
It was necessary first to get a better understanding of Garrovick the character, and what kind of female he WOULD develop feelings for. I deduced that Garrovick the man would NOT fall in love at first sight, that he is very reserved in the company of women and she would need to prove herself repeatedly for him to develop any romantic feelings (i.e. not abandon him).
The small bit of characterization already in the script`s third draft, where she is part of the amphibian rescue party sent to deliver Drident and wilfully stuns Garrovick into unconsciousness, would to me be a complete dealbreaker.

Garrovick, as I`ve already said before, is NOT James T. Kirk! Kirk has on occasion dallied with a few extra-terrestrial women that originally committed violence towards him (ex: THE GAMESTERS OF TRISKELION). But the ones he felt deeper emotions for, such as Edith Keeler and Carol Marcus, were due to their intellectual as well as physical compatibility.
Garrovick as presented would avoid casual flings or using sex to manipulate a female enemy. Such a great tactic should probably be taken over by another character
So, if the story would present a few instances where Tri`tillya saves the Captain, nurses him, or joins with him against a common foe (her own tribe, perhaps), he would likely be able to develop an emotional bond.

The same goes for Tri`tillya: being saved by Garrovick is probably the best scenario to ignite a sexual interest towards him. The third draft`s simplistic cause of attraction (Tri`tillya and Garrovick see each other, become attracted. Garrovick makes a good speech to her father, Tri`tillya kisses him), in my mind would possibly work if the Captain were Kirk, but would not in Garrovick`s case.
I`ve mentioned elsewhere that Tri`tillya should replace Drident as the first amphibian encountered by the Starfleet men. I`ve explained why, but there is also the fact that in the script`s third draft, Tri`tillya makes her first appearance only at page 30 of a 63-page script. She needs to be there much earlier so that hers and Garrovick`s arc will have the screen time it truly requires.

Captured by the amphibians and taken to their underwater city, Garrovick is eventually taken to a large hall where the amphibians’ leader, Argolas, wishes to address him. Drident as well as the female amphibian Tri’tillya, are also present.
While Argolas drones on about the invading surface-dwellers from the stars, Garrovick pleads earnestly for the miners’ non-hostile intentions. Argolas points to his daughter Tri’tillya as the one believing in a more peaceful solution. Unmoved by Garrovick’s words, Argolas promises war and orders Garrovick back to his cell.
In shackles once more, Garrovick is surprised to see the female Tri’tillya approaching him. She brings his equipment and tells how the Captain`s words had moved her. She kisses him and releases him from captivity.
We`re at page 41 and only now does Tri`tillya spend any one-on-one time with Garrovick...
So, Tri`tillya sees Garrovick at this ``grand jury`` and demonstrates an attraction towards him because of the words he spoke. That is about as deep and long-lasting as a dance club one-night stand...

They make their way back to the now deserted large hall. They witness many amphibian warriors swimming up to the surface. Tri’tillya summons a great aquatic beast to provide transportation back to the surface.
Apart from the fact that a realistic-looking aquatic beast would probably bust the episode`s budget (please, not another Tremblor from SAVAGE EMPIRE!!), why not just have Garrovick grabbing onto Tri`tillya as SHE swims up to the surface?!? She IS an amphibian...

Finally out of the water, Garrovick and Tri’tillya ascend to the upper deck of the mining installation. They cross paths with Jenkins the miner, who pleads prior ignorance of the amphibians’ existence, but admits the workers used unsafe methods to harvest the much-needed Scurvium. Jenkins breaks away, and Garrovick pursues him only to come across a group of agitated workers who panic at the sight of the female amphibian.
They run to escape but are soon surrounded. Garrovick pulls out his phaser weapon and points it threateningly at them. Suddenly one of the miners manages to injure the female, distracting the Captain long enough for them to mob him. He fires his phaser and they scatter.
I guess by having Garrovick displaying an uncharacteristically bloodthirsty act of violence was just to prove how deep was his rage while his ``true love`` fell. Never mind that he uses a phaser to cook other Federation citizens...

After all is over, Tri`tillya has lost her father and now rules her people. She remains on ATLANTIS VI and bids John Garrovick farewell.
And that`s about it for Tri`tillya in this series. We never really find out anything about her, and then she`s gone.

However, those of you who remember the very beginning of my little series, I brought up the question: ``just what IS this episode about`?
Now that we approach the end, I would say it should be: ``How John Garrovick is really a very lonely and wounded soul``...
Garrovick should be summoned on a mission to ATLANTIS VI, hoping to prevent an interplanetary war, but instead he meets a female that he saves from (to be determined...). Surprisingly she reciprocates a few times and manages to break through Garrovick`s thick emotional wall. Then just as he is close to saving the day...

She should tragically die...
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