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Re: Starburst on the animated "Shada"

Emh wrote: View Post
I would be one of those fans who would cry "sacrilege" to anyone other than Tom Baker playing The Fourth Doctor. I'm all for this version of Shada and I applaud Ian Levine for his initiative but it should not be done without Tom Baker himself. If something last second happens and Tom Baker does decide to lend his voice to the project, then I'll be thrilled, but until such a time occurs, I'll be perfectly content with the Paul McGann version.
Tom's given it his blessing, he had his chance. Everyone else puts in great performances, Daniel Hill in particular raves about the project.

And the sound-alike is pretty good. It shows when you keep going between the two in earlier episodes (which were mostly recorded) but in the longer gaps, its very easy to forget its not Tom.

Allyn Gibson wrote: View Post
No, Levine's plan was always to present the completed animation to 2|Entertain as a fait accompli -- "Take it or leave it."
He's backtracked a little on that now. He now doesn't oppose reasonable changes.
Captaindemotion wrote: View Post
Do those who are familiar with the story think it could be re-worked as a story for the Eleventh (or even Twelfth!) Doctor?
Just what the world needs, another Shada!

Be pretty hard though. Its somewhat Timelord dependant.
OmahaStar wrote: View Post
Mark IV - Also given to Sarah Jane by the Doctor
The remote control version's instructions call him the IIIa. Same memories perhaps (The master rebuilt me)
23skidoo wrote: View Post
and the McGann version (which I agree should be included in any future DVD)
The problem is the BBC don't own the audio. And Big Finish don't own the animation. So whilst none of the webcasts are impossible it wouldn't come cheap.
23skidoo wrote: View Post
Levine has pretty strong connections (considering he used to work with the Doctor Who Production Office) so I'd say we're likely to see this show up in some form before long.
He also has a strong history of burning his bridges. He used to do documentaries for the range - Genesis Of The Daleks, Edge Of Destruction, Inferno - but they found him too difficult to work with.

He gets on with some of them better than others (so has been interviewed) and theres one or two interesting projects lined up he may be involved with. On their terms.
23skidoo wrote: View Post
As for hearing Baker do a version, I'd say cross your fingers that Big Finish manages to talk Tom and his ex-wife Lalla Ward into doing audios together.
They wouldn't even have to work together. Apparently Mary's had other commitments and had to record her lines for her next stories separately.

Lalla's not opposed to the idea of working with Tom, but I wouldn't like to bet on it happening. They haven't spoken to each other in 20 years. They don't want to upset Tom.
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