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Speaking of self-entitled fans:

Carl Manneh wrote:
Minecraft fans have started calling me in the middle of the night to ask when 1.8 will be out. Please don't do that.

The official forums have too many kids on it, it seems. It's just not worth the grief to visit there except for mods and texture packs. I prefer Minecraft's reddit page because there's fewer assholes (and the ones that are there get voted down) and Notch and Jeb post there occasionally. For example, pigs now have snouts because there was a semi-jokey thread demanding it and Notch thought it was funny.

The pre-release system is the best way to go with future updates, it allows for large-scale bug testing without the massive amount of whining that happens after a major release. 1.8 may be the least buggy major release ever because of it. Pre-release 2 is out now, hopefully that's relatively bug free so 1.8 proper can be released tomorrow.
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