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Re: Starburst on the animated "Shada"

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Do those who are familiar with the story think it could be re-worked as a story for the Eleventh (or even Twelfth!) Doctor?
There's nothing about "Shada" that is fourth Doctor-specific. That's why it was able to be reworked so easily into an eighth Doctor story for Big Finish.
I don't think "Shada" will work without Romana and K9. Actually I take it back, River could replace Romana and since K9 is masterless right now, the Doctor could pick him up again.
What makes you believe K-9 is Master-less (Well, Mistress-Less). In the Classic Series, K-9 stayed on Gallifrey with Leela, K9 Mk II stayed at the CVE with Romana. The Audio Series Gallifrey Adventures doesn't make either one available to be picked up.
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