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Re: Bryan Fuller making Hannibal Lecter series!

It is possible that Fuller and the producers won't hold this series to established continuity, but even if they are beholding it to any sort of regular resemblance of the character's history, most of us know that Graham finds out that Hannibal is a killer and he catches him. So, on some level, the ending of the show is definitely pre-determined and foreseeable.

In that respect, it absolutely resembles Smallville. Unless Fuller, the writers, and producers can find a way to make the series itself interesting and entertaining, but then again once you know the ending of the story, it takes away a lot of the suspense. I am assuming this show will be a procedural, and most of the suspense from these kind of shows comes from not knowing the outcome.

I think, though, that my biggest problem with this show is that the character itself has sort of lost his allure and appeal. That's mostly Thomas Harris's fault, but after four movies (five if you're including Manhunter) I'm not sure there's much left to say about the character that hasn't been already said. Even further, I think what made the character the most interesting was Anthony Hopkins' portrayal. Once you remove that element, the character becomes infinitely less interesting (something Hannibal Rising proved). The producers are going to have a very difficult time finding an actor who can portray Lecter even on a tenth of the level that Hopkins portrayed him.

I will concede, though, in one respect: At least the show is attempting to tread new territory in the Hannibal Lecter mythology. The dynamic between Lecter, who is still active in his career while trying to remain anonymous, while interacting and consulting with Will Graham could provide for some interesting psychological interplay. I always liked the Will Graham character and I thought his interaction with Lecter was fascinating. Here we are allowed to even further explore that interaction, and furthermore, delve into the meat of their relationship, which really sounds more interesting anyway.

So, bottom-line, I'm not entirely convinced that this show is a good idea (for either Fuller or in general) but at least the premise has potential. On one final note, though: they should change the title. Hannibal is the name of Harris's novel and the name of the film adaptation starring Anthony Hopkins and Julianne Moore. In order to differentiate this from that, and to give it a unique identity, the show should probably seek a different title. Besides, it also hints that Lecter will be the main character (i.e. protagonist) but of course that's just speculation on my part.
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