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Re: Bryan Fuller making Hannibal Lecter series!

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What a terrible idea for a TV series. I mean, I don't have any idea on how it could possibly be sustainable.
Don't watch Dexter?
Dexter was the first thing that sprung to mind that this potential show was trying to ape. However:

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It's easy - Lecter is the villain of the story, and the FBI agent is the protagonist and the person we sympathize with. He suspects out that Lecter is a serial killer but for whatever psychologically based reason, he can't bring himself to expose his crimes.
So, this sounds like Dexter meets Smallville.

The problem between Dexter and this potential show is that Dexter is completely open ended and can pretty much go anywhere, change the status quo, shift character dynamics, and, in general, not beholden to anything in particular.

This show, however, already has a predetermined ending that will, unfortunately, holds the writers back from doing things. If the series was about Hannibal going to place to place and getting involved with various hi-jinks, that would be one thing. However, since the description partners him with Will Graham, it locks them into a particular format.

The show, if produced, might be well-written, but I can also see it getting old quick with Graham "almost finding out". Bringing it back to Smallville, they jettisoned the "can't find out" element about midway though the series with most characters and were able to pull it off. With this show, I can't see them doing that successfully, because if one learns that Hannibal is a killer, he'll eat you!
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