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Re: Bryan Fuller making Hannibal Lecter series!

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Fuller never bailed on Pushing Daisies. I'm not going to assume he's bailing on this show before it's even been greenlit. It's a bit early in the game for handwringing.
Well, to be fair, he didn't have time to.

Okay, I concede that Bryan Fuller doesn't bail on his projects (I think I have him confused with someone else who usually sets up great TV series, leave early, and then goes off to create another one) though he did bail on DLM. But his TV projects haven't been entirely successful for one reason or another.

But I really don't see how a Hannibal Lecter series could sustain an audience. As noted above Dexter has an ounce or two of "ethics" to his killing (he only kills murderers) Hannibal is just an animalistic serial killer who eats his victims.

I don't see how he'd be nearly enough an interesting character to sustain an entire series as for a series to work the main character has to be likable on some level, even if he's a sociopath or a criminal. (See: Tony Soprano.)

I don't think Hannibal Lecter can pull that off and, again, he's not been an interesting character to watch even in movies since Silence of the Lambs, why would a TV series change that?
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