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Re: Announcing: Deep Space Nine Season 10!

Here cometh episode 6.

But first, a repost of the links in case someone wants to catch up...

10x01 - Emancipation
10x02 - Brave New World
10x03 - Steppin' Out
10x04 - Easy Come, Easy Go
10x05 - Deep Down

and now...

10x06 - The Dream Box

No, it's not the stage play as written by Andrew J Robinson. I've never read that or seen it. But I decided to use the title because my episode does incorporate what I assume must have happened in that story, along with a few other bits and pieces from here and there. In some cases I specifically referenced other works to craft my story; in others I actually came up with the idea independently but then discovered after the fact that someone else had already done a similar idea. I've made sure to credit where credit is due.

Hope you like it. I'm quite pleased with this one myself.

DS9-R fans! Want to know what happened after The Soul Key?

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