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Re: Fan Production Submissions

Produced at: Kietero Enterprises, Tokyo, Japan
Format: Audio (visual planned)
Season: First
Status: In Production

STAR TREK UNIVERSE centers around Captain Alexander Chase and the Starship USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-G. Her adventures take place in the 25th century, in a Federation whose economy has been devastated by the Klingon War (as depicted in STAR TREK ONLINE). The mission of the Enterprise is simple: restore humanity to what it was before the last half-century worth of wars by returning to the roots of STAR TREK: exploration!

Chase is accompanied by Starfleet's best and brightest, who don't always get it right. The crew ranges from two genius level officers to a Vulcan with a distinct heritage, a battle-hungry Hirogen tactical officer, a "by the book" XO, a "hopeless" doctor, an engineer who designed the ship and knows everything, and a hotheaded captain who seems more laid back than any other commander in the fleet!

Set on the backdrop of political intrigue and a suspenseful mystery that could spell doom for the entire galaxy, Chase must hold onto the values and principles that make the Federation great, while defending her from a tyrant bent on total domination!

The series stars:
Jason Donner as "Capt. Alex Chase" and "Dr. Thierey Reynard"
Eric Hawkins as "XO Cmdr. Hitoshi Ogaki"
Crystal Hawkins as "Chief Engineer Lt. Cmdr. Dora Strom"
Jesse Hampton as "Science Officer Lt. S'tok" and "Engineer's Mate Master Chief Petty Officer (EMCM) Paris Coridin"
Brian Bedard as "Security Chief Lt. Cmdr. Korix"
Simon Rasmussen as "Helmsman Ensign Daniel Park"

Season 1's full episode order is currently IN-PRODUCTION
However, a series of vignettes is also under the same status, with three public releases with one being released next week. These vignettes are available for podcast streaming at the website.

The website is located at
The site features a running text-based story called HEADLINES. "Headlines" takes us on a tour of journalism from the time of Ambassador Spock's "death" up to the events of the first episode. This section is updated irregularly, with as many as three stories on a particular day and sometimes a hiatus for a few days. The sheer length of this text-based drama calls for frequent updates, and promises to fill in the period of events between the destruction of Romulus and the launch of Enterprise-G.
VIGNETTES is where you can stream the current vignettes.
The site has information on the Enterprise, herself, as well as her lineage.

Our social page is located on Facebook, at Members of the social community get to download the vignettes a few days before they're made available on the website. The social page is also being used in lieu of using a BBS forum.

Also, members of our community also get a complete exclusive: "Crew Essays," written by the staff writers, that delve into the heart of our central characters.

Please take a look at our website and visit our Facebook page!

STAR TREK UNIVERSE is being developed by Michael Yamazaki from Tokyo, Japan. STU is called "Universe" because of the series' expansive nature, in that in encompasses the entire Star Trek universe, as well as starship-based stories. The first episode is currently in production and will premiere in late fall.
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