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approaching the end of my little story editing exercise. All that remains is to quickly analyze the character of Tri'tillya, and to clarify her actions and motivations.

I appreciate everyone`s indulgance with my long-winded theses, I hope I didn`t put too many of you to sleep.

I originally began doing this as a way to cure some writer's block I`ve been recently experiencing on my own projects, and it seems to have done the job.

Plus I`ve always loved Star Trek and thought I would apply my real-world skills to a longtime passion.

I have been writing out a cleaned-up longer plot version for how I would rewrite The Atlantis Invaders, which I may end up posting on this board. No offense to anyone who did work on it, but like any work of creative fiction, different people will bring different points-of-view...

Thanks to all, and yet again, your comments are all welcomed...
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