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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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I think dStahl has already said we won't see higher prices but some things (ships) might actually become cheaper.
Yeah. Or free, as it has been the case of four c-store only races that will become freely available in-game.

The people that paid money for them are rightfully pissed at the move.
Please explain what in the act of paying for something gives one the right to dictate its price for eternity. GoG has Blake Stone on sale for $2.99; do the people who paid $30 for it in 1993 have grounds for a class action lawsuit?

Nobody put a gun to those people's head (which includes me, BTW) and said "you will buy this now".

City of Villains used to be a separate purchase from City of Heroes; now it's included, and soon both will be free. Burning Crusade used to cost $50. Now it's available bundled with WoW for less than WoW itself used to cost; essentially, free.

It's an MMO. Prices go down over time. Items get introduced at one price and become cheaper or free later. You choose at the time of launch; do I want it now badly enough to pay this price, or do I wait until it's cheaper or free?

We chose; if we wanted our sparklekitties NOW, we paid the THREE WHOLE DOLLARS for them.

IMHO if anybody complains, Cryptic should give them their three dollars back, and charge a four dollar processing fee.
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