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Re: Why did Chakotay Choose to be with seven instead of janeway?

^ Oh, Guy.

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I thought the question being asked was hypothetical?
Was it? I dunno. I just know that's not really the story. Nor are most of the rumors about chest-thumping and all that. I think the writers just wanted to give the characters something to do, and chose very poorly.

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These ass-backwards priorities would work on a character that's a 13-year-old kid in our time, but since these are mature adults who live in the enlightened 24th century where hopefully Looks (and perceived amounts of testosterone) Aren't Everything, I'm going to go ahead and say the question isn't what's ludicrously stupid here.
Rubbish, pure sexual attraction is a major theme of Star Trek in the 23rd and 24th centuries. Biology won't change in 2 or 3 hundred years. 7 is much more physically attractive than Janeway so unless 7 has some major and I mean major character flaws then it is beyond ludicrous to think that Chakotay would actually even consider the sour faced hag Janeway over 7.
Recognizing prejudice is also a major theme in Trek.
Kes loved Neelix, Dax loved Worf, Leeta loves Rom.
Trek has shown several times that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and a doesn't determine relationships.
Especially in this day a age, woman Janeway's age are considered the new 30.
"A hag?"
Seriously?? What is this, a POPEYE cartoon?

Chakotay and Janeway are very close in age. Why would Chakotay consider someone his age old? Attraction or a fling can be based on looks, sure, but relationships don't last on crap like that very long. I can think of lots of "attractive" people I wouldn't want to marry. And hell, Seven's good looking, but isn't terribly emotionally mature when it comes to relationships. Isn't that reason enough to tread carefully?

I realize you're probably quite young, so perhaps arguing about this isn't quite fair when you obviously don't really get it. I've invented straw men with less silly arguments than yours.
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