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Re: Why did Chakotay Choose to be with seven instead of janeway?

Braga (helped) write this episode.

Braga was sleeping with Jeri Ryan at this point in time.

10 thoughts.

1. This is exactly how Braga pulled Jeri Ryan.

2 This is how Braga wished he had pulled Ryan.

3. This is misdirection so that future boyfriends of Ryan, or assholes trying to pull his girlfriend will pull her wrong using this 'how to' method.

4. This was Bermans C-game to pull a hot leggy blond so that Jeri would appreciate that he had used his A-game to pull her.

5. This was a repull by proxy, because Jeri was beginning to pull away and he was using Beltran like a muppet to assure her that he was still quite into her.

6. Braga was pulling away and hoped to unload Jeri on Beltran, so that he could trick her into pulling Beltran and he would win the break up.

7. This was punishment. Braga forced the pull because Jeri would never put the cap back on their toothpaste and it was ruining the bathroom counter top.

8. Sevens brain surgery was a metaphor for the vasectomy she kept insisting that Braga should have if he loved her and he shouldn't have pulled her in the first place if his swimmers were still pulling out of their starting blocks.

9. This was a snapshot pull for prosperity since in his old age no one might ever believe that he had pulled that.

10. This WAS a Valentines pull.
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