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We started fieldshows this week with my band. There is a hill between the backdoor to my band room and the football field. For the first time in 9 years of teaching at this school, I was able to jog up the hill every time this week without getting winded.

To top it off, at last night's game, to add a little excitement to things, I walked over to the student section and offered push-ups or jumping jacks. One smart ass shouted, "I'll bet you can't do 7!" Down I went. Our team racked up 41 points in the first half. I did push-ups after every score but the last. With only 34 seconds left on the game clock before my band performed at halftime, I opted for 41 jumping jacks. A student tried to keep up with me and stopped around 25.

104 push-ups last night, 41 jumping jacks, and my band still marched a helluva show.

Wasn't winded a bit. Got up this morning and went to karate class. Yeah, this fitness effort is working for a change!
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