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Deep Space Nine DVD on Blu-Ray Quality issues

Hello Niners,

Recently I have been rewatching DS9 on dvd. I have a blu-ray player and a nice high definition television. When I watch the show, specifically the space scenes and the scenes with the credits scrolling on the bottom, the image becomes blocky, almost like it is skipping.

It seems like this is only a problem with DS9 as I watch lots of other DVD's on my blu-ray and have no problem. I thought it was a problem with only one of the disc, but both seasons 1 & 2 are doing the same thing! HELP! I am worried that the 3-7 are the same and they have some of the best space scenes in all of trek! I don't want to watch "The Way of the Warrior" or "What You Leave Behind" with skipping space scenes!

Lost in Blu-Ray Bajor.
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