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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

78. Nothing But the Truth: B
79. Snow Angels: B+
80. Everybody's Fine: C-
81. Rise of the Planet of the Apes: A+
82. Fragments: C+

My 4th Kate Beckinsale movie in as many days as I play catch up on her films not called Underworld the past decade.
Fragments is about a group of people in a diner that all share a tragic experience. The story follows each of their reactions post tragedy. Due to it's melancholy nature that is what keeps it in the "C" range for me. There really isn't anything bad per se about any of the characters, the lack of overly redeeming reflections and actions by them also keeps it in the "C" range.

Kate's character is a single mom infatuated with the doctor(Guy Pearce) who comes into the diner for coffee. She would love to have an affair with him despite him being married. The guy she does sleep with though gets called by her fantasy doctor's name and that doesn't go over well.
The doctor meanwhile is inducing migraine headaches on his wife.
A little girl in the diner goes all "born again Christian"
The other kid essentially clams up.
Forrest Whittaker gets "lucky" and is only grazed by the bullet and goes on a very selfish streak but we find out he's likely dying of cancer anyway.

It's not listed in BoxOfficeMojo so I take that to mean it didn't get any type of release.
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