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Is it bad that about 10 years ago was when I stopped reading TrekLit?
Nope, because it's never too late to start again. I stopped reading back about twelve or thirteen years ago and just started again after my wife gave me my Kindle this past Christmas.

Since then I've completed the DS9 relaunch and have a good start on the Voyager/TNG relaunch. I'm up through about the sixth book of the A Time To... series and have really enjoyed everything I've read so far. I'm salivating for Destiny and am hoping to make it through, or at least to, that series by year's end.

Back before I'd stopped reading, back in the last millennium, I'd gotten burned out on a lot of the crisis of the week, single episode, stand-alone novels. Even thirteen years ago, Iíd pretty much given up except for the special hard-covers and any specials or series. Even at that point Iíd pretty much stopped reading the stand-alones. Iím sure I missed some gems during that time but it just seemed like they (S&S) were just shoveling the novels out at the time and I just couldnít keep up and I wondered about the quality of this "shovelware".

Anyway, most everything published as part of the relaunches have been great reads and I fell in love with Vanguard, Mirror Universe and Myriad Universes. Iím looking forward to starting the first Titan novel in a month or two.

So, all of this was to say, I know from experience that, regardless of your reasons for stopping reading TrekLit, you can start reading again at any time and, yes, you can fall in love all over again.


I hear you.

I stopped reading during the 90s too - for exactly the reasons you described. And I've been a reader off and on since the early 80s.

10 years ago is when I started reading again. That's when things got good.

There've been good years and bad years since, but mostly good. (Bad years aren't really bad, just a lot of series I don't read as much.)

For a long while they were doing 2 books a month. Talk about shovelware! And its impossible to keep up.

There was a period (about 5 years ago?) where I was really into Star Wars books and fell a few years behind on Trek, during the NJO series. But I got sick of Star Wars (too much negativity and dark side crap, Betrayal is where I gave up).

But I've since caught up. I've even caught up on most of what I skipped back in the 90s!

Lots of great books out there. And since there's no televised Trek anymore, the books are all we have to get our "fix."

Happy reading!
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