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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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In a lot of ways, I think this was the book of the New 52 that had the most to prove -- it had to follow the Bryan Q. Miller run (which I loved), and it had to justify undoing twenty-plus years of the Barbara Gordon status quo. And it doesn't do either. Miller's Batgirl was the "fun" Bat-book, and there's no fun here.
I'll probably pick up Batgirl after the pricedrop, on the strength of Simone's other work. I think you're right that Batwoman will very likely be better, but I suspect that won't be Simone's fault. |for the reasons you suggest above, Batgirl has too much working against it and no real reason to exist beyond "that's how it was in the Silver Age."

Of all the new 52, only Flash comes close to the status of pure nostalgia without anything else compelling - and even Flash has jettisoned almost eferything that made Barry Allen interesting in the Silver Age (and there was precious little of that to begin with - he had nephew with the same powers and was in a stable relationship).
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