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Re: "Europa" a [contemporary space adventure] in dev.

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Yeah, I mean, Europa is admittedly pretty small, but there's room for more than just Arthur Clarke on it.

I liked Mission to Mars (the scene with Robbins and Nielsen set to Van Halen's "Dance" = one of the greatest moments in cinema history). But everyone else seemed to hate it. I think I have an idiosyncratic taste in films.

ETA: seriously, that first tracking shot! Brian de Palma rules you.
I vastly prefer Red Planet.

OK, the terraforming plot twist is a little absurd, but it's nice that the big twist was a "science" twist. And the whole plot revolves around an engineering queston ("How many guys can we fit on our improvised rocket?"). I think it's underappreciated.

Edited to say: If only they had not included the "Oh no our robot is crazy" silly subplot. And also to correct title.
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