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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

So I have the New Action Comics, Detective Comics, Justice league and Green Arrow just for the hell of it. I love DC and have since I was a little kid watching Superfriends. Superman is my favorite and I used to read comics when I was younger. I remember them bieng lika $1.50 or something. Anyway, I followed Superman for about a year after the death and rebirth, but it became increasingly harder and harder to find comics.

Over the past decade I would pick one up every so often, but the story lines became so hard to follow that I just gave up. In the past few years i've been wanting to get back into comic books, but like I said, the story arcs are just too much.

All of that bieng said, i've tried to keep up with what has been going on. I have a vague idea of the past few years. I figured with this reboot it would be a great oppreotunity for me to personally start over as well. I intend on keeping up with Superman and Batman. I may ocassionally read GL, GA, Auquaman, Flash and WW.(the core characters), but Batman and Supeerman are my main concern. I also intend to keep up with Justice Leauge. How long I will keep up is completely up in the air right now, but for now i'm on board.

I have only read JL and Action Comics #1 so far. For JL. pretty much everything has been said. I thought it was funny and suspensefull and pretty good. I loved the banter and the reveal of Supes.

Action Comics #1: So it starts with Superman bieng
on the scene for 6 months, so no origin story as far as Clark's ship landing in Smallville or anythin, but who really needs that, right? Superman is kind of a dick and arrogant, he's still got his "Boy Scout" quality, but is not so humble as i'd like him to be. He pulls a few Batman tactics in dealing with the bad guy. This is a younger version of Clark, we see his apartment and is not at the Planet yet. This gives him a Peter Parker feel to it. Luthor and General Lane are in this one and it's cool how they are working together, but you can tell that Luthor is out for blood. There is a hint of some major trouble coming from space. This could be Braniac, Zod or Darksied, I guess from the JL #1 though that it is Darksied. I'd prefer Braniac, but I guess we will have to wait.( I was hoping Braniac would be in the new movie as well) The suit, I actually like it. Obviously the suit will change, I like the new suit, but the belt needs some gold in it and the shield on the belt is not needed. Over all, I liked it and i'm looking foward to #2. A/A-

I can't say I will give a review of every issue, but I will definately try to discuss. I will come back after I read Detective Comics #1.

I also want to say that I think it's cool to be able say I own Action Comics #1, though I wish it was the 3 million dollar one.
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