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All-Franchise montage?!

So I went over to the youtubes yesterday, looking for a cool, classy, high-quality video paying tribute to the whole of the Trek franchise - all six series and eleven movies. To my mind, the ideal video would be set to Goldsmith's First Contact end credits theme, with big, iconic moments and visuals at the start and finish and some defining quotes and character beats playing over the quieter middle portion. (And before anyone suggests I do it myself, I'd love to, but don't know how or have the right software to make the necessary crops to have the whole thing be 16x9.)

Anyway, I did some searching, but not only did I not find anything good, I barely found any efforts to do something like this at all. Is this a result of copyright/youtube blocking previous efforts? Does anyone know of any quality all-franchise tribute vids on youtube or anywhere else?
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