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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

God I haven't read comics since the early ninties. My kempo class was right next to a comic store and our sensi would give out a comic each week to the kid who had worked the hardest and I really got into them. They were all marvel comics and I read them for a while but it became way to hard to follow plus I was a kid and thus didn't have money to buy very many on my own and I didn't even bother with DC. I decided to go ahead and give DC a chance though with this new reboot and so far I'm enjoying the he'll out of it. I love the digital comics and the way it guides you panel to panel, that's pretty cool and of the ones I've read I've been pretty impressed so far and I'm looking forward to the next issues. I picked up Action, Detective, Batgirl and JL mainly because I'm familiar with the Batman and Supes methos so it isn't hard to follow. I was thinking about getting JLI but Batman is pretty much the only character I know from there so I'm still thinking it over. I know next to nothing about Green Lantern and Green Arrow but maybe I'll give them a whirl. Definitely going to pick up the rest of the Supes and Batbooks though except for the one about African Batman. All in all I think DC did a good job and I hope they keep it accessible for a little while before the crossovers and big world changing event stuff.
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