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I started another new world on my desktop and went hunting for a village. After spending the first night in a small cave I made in a mountain, I went out searching the next day and found this...

I can't wait to meet the guy that lives in this house.

I found an abandoned bar/library and turned that into my new home. One night a family of Endermen appeared nearby and started stealing the wood from the farm.

Knowing that strongholds are supposed to generate near villages, I went out in search of one. I eventually found this on the border between a swamp and a desert:

The planks and cobweb indicated something was down there. I went back to the village, got prepared, came back and jumped in. There was a huge, dark ravine under there with abandoned mine tunnels intersecting with it.

Shortly afterwards I saw a small flame in the distance with no light emanating from it. Assuming this came from one of the new blue spider spawners, I freaked out and ran away like a coward. I will never go spelunking again.

My favourite part of the update so far is the new jump/critical hit mechanic, there's something deeply satisfying about jumping up in the air before hitting a cow right between the eyes with your sword. It just makes you want to yell out "By the power of Grayskull!"
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