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Re: Why were so many characters on Voyager underdeveloped?

I wanted Kes to stay. Personally, I still feel we could have done without Harry. There was great potential there with Kes. Also, she is one when she boards. I think maybe she just turned one or something. Or maybe a little past one.

I have to say that I don't see much difference between TNG and VOY. Granted there was a lot of Worf development TNG. And not so much with VOY probably because of TNG. It was already done a lot. But they are almost, in essence, the same characters.

Data = Doc (add sarcasm and turn him into a beam of light)
Troy = Kes (empath to telepath)
Worf = Belana + Chakotay
Geordi = Harry but far less interesting and not even 1/4 as charismatic
Crusher = template for Janeway then tone down the mothering, make the crew the family, Voyager itself as the child, plus add a whole lot more presence, confidence, tenacity.
Remove Riker and Picard - no matches there which is probably why so many dislike VOY characters, but really, Riker and Picard cannot be reproduced.
Toss in a Vulcan for good measure, and two likeable misfits for fun.

See? Basic recipe is still the same. Some tweaks here, some tweaks there. Remove two key ingredients then add a few in their place. Viola! VOYAGER is born.
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