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Re: Why were so many characters on Voyager underdeveloped?

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In regards to Neelix, I also sort of often got the impression that he knew the crew found his antics laughable, but that it didn't bother him because, in a sort of innocent but ethnocentric way, he assumed he was the superior life form. Not that he felt anything bad towards humans or thought they were stupid per se, just...for example, I love my dog to pieces and consider him to be super smart for a dog but would be more inclined to be amused than offended if he thought I was the cute, funny one.
I had to come back to this because in Cloud Neelix just called them a bunch of idiots right after the opening music for investigating the nebula.

Edited to add Neelix's exact words: "These people are natural born idiots..."
Too funny.
I KNEW that would crack you up! The minute I heard of it you popped into my head, and I scurried here to post.

Natural born idiots! Yep, you called it!
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