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Re: World War Z premiere to coincide with end of the world

Shurik wrote: View Post
- The chapter about Israel, though looks like it will be in the movie (quite a few local actors were hired).
That's what I'm interested in, any signs that certain parts of the book will be included. They could change the story completely to craft it around segments that they find the most cinematic or striking, so I'm not judging it on the basis of what segments are required for the story as it was written.

Reverend wrote: View Post
To those who think fast zombies will make the action scenes more exciting; I'm afraid it'll undermine the whole point of many of those scenes. Let's take the Battle of Yonkers: The whole chapter is supposed to demonstrate how the military are overconfident, under prepared and too dependent on modern gadgets to deal with the situation. They don't loose because the horde swarmed them too fast, they lost because they tried shock and awe tactics on a horde that stretched from Yonkers, all the way back to Time Square and when they ran out of rockets, shells and napalm...Zack just kept coming. Oh, and they decided to hide behind sandbags in the middle of the street instead of taking the high ground.
Yeah, the less Zack acts like a human opponent, the more plausible it would be that the military would fuck up. They could use their imagination and contemplate what they need to do against an undeterrable enemy that moves slowly and mindlessly, whose numbers are enormous and growing, and who can "recruit" from your own soldiers, but apparently their imaginations failed them because it's hard to really accept that all the rules have changed. "Slow, mindless" zombies could sound easy to beat and make them overconfident.
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