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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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TV has both arc based and stand alone shows. Though the stand alones are getting less common. The Law and Orders were the most sucessfull of recent stand alones. I guess CSI are stand alones. Haven't watched enough to be sure. Many shows are a mix ( especially sit coms) with sub plots connecting what are mostly stand alones main plots.
See, the big difference between Law and Order and a comic book is that Law and Order is about three to six times longer, depending on how the comic is paced. So to get the just the equivalent of a Law and Order episode, let alone the story density of a film or heaven forfend a novel even then you need three issues.

I mean, yeah, back in the day they wrote eight-pagers that were still good comics, but they're not good in a really meaningful way, I'd guess. Like the Lois Lane books I adore, they're good, but in an entirely different way (arguably a "bad" way) that only appeals to niche-within-the-niche nerds like me.

The only standalones I can think of that would be taken as fully realized are probably Swamp Thing books. And Alan Moore can do anything, except not write about rape.
I agree its about pacing. You can tell a good story in 8 pages, 20 or 1000 if you know how. I think most L&Os can be told in a single issue. Mostly they're taking heads. Movies, novels. Yeah more than a single issue. But comics aren't really any of those.
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