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Re: The OFFICIAL STNG-R discussion thread!

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Personally I think blu-rays are out of date already
I think he's right. Everything I watch is digital (netflix, etc), and I'm sure a lot of people have moved on.

Besides, it's tougher to scratch and ruin a digital file(how discs lasted for this long is crazy, it's such a comparably fragile medium - yeah, it IS tough to scratch 'em up badly enough, but the few times it does happen sucks!)
The quality on Netflix is horrible compared to a movie on a blu ray. I never ever destroyed a CD, DVD or bluray. I always wonder what people do with them that get them destroyed. Play frisbee?

Selling a movie on an HDD isn't even that bad an idea, but saying blu rays are outdated is ridiculous. And you certainly don't want to buy a movie on a flash drive. You can throw it away in a couple of years.
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