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Re: Buffy season nine discussion thread

^ We're most likely going to be touching on that very subject. Besides which we already know Angel's motivations for becoming Twilight. This was explained in the issue and in the "Twilight" arc. We just don't know how he became Twilight.

I agree wholeheartedly about the Rebekah Issacs art. Georges Jeantry's cartoonish like style would work for a Buffy animated comic (wouldn't that be awesome?) it's too bad that Jo Chen is merely a cover artist. Issacs though is highly stylized but detailed. I actually see David and Eliza when I look at Angel and Faith. I see Tony Head when I see Giles. I don't get that same feel about the characters with Jeantry's art. Especially his detailing of Dawn. I don't see Michelle Tractchenberg at all.

I marked out when I saw Whistler. I always got the impression anyway that he was more than he appeared to be. There was an obvious purpose for guiding Angel in the first place towards Buffy. As often with Joss's characters not everyone is simple.
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