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Re: Why were so many characters on Voyager underdeveloped?

Well they brought John Savage in to scare Mulgrew and at any point the Doctor could hav been replaced by anyone, hells they could have brought Jeri into to replace Picardo rather than sweet little Jennifer.

Would Tom hit on the Doctor, eventually believe that he's falling in love with "her" if the Doctor had chosen to adopt Jeri Ryans body after season 3 finished (You know, if they had decided against the Seven of Nine character.)?

Actually, wouldn't it have been keen if they had a different actor or actress every week to play the Doctor, and now and then s/he switchs out bodies in the middle of a story like in those episodes of Rosanne where the two Beckies (Sara Gilbert and sarah Chalk) kept swapping out between camera shots to screw with the live studio audience
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