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Re: Why were so many characters on Voyager underdeveloped?

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^The fact that the show focused on characters you liked, doesn't mean that the debate isn't irrelcant. What other shows where on about the same time as Voyager, The West Wing which had an ensamble cast. Yes it focused on some more than others.At it even managed to do resaonable on it's recurring characters.
If the writers weren't devoting time to develope main of the main cast, what good would having a secondary cast do? That's not fixing the problem, it's ignoring and using a temporary distraction in hopes of fooling the audience. That was Voyager's main problem to begin with.

Everybody seems to be avoiding the truth.
Yes, Voyager's writers weren't always the greatest.
However, many of Voyager's characters were underdeveloped because Paramount spent money to promote the show using Seven. Mulgrew & Picardo, the two divas were both fighting for equal screen time as her. Too keep the two of them happy, they gave them what they asked for which left no room for anyone else in the cast. The rest of the cast go shafted due to jealousy and ego.
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