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Re: Why were so many characters on Voyager underdeveloped?

In retrospect, I think that given VOY spent 4 of its 7 years far more focused on the scifi aspect of the ship and its adventures than on any given crew member save Seven, Doc and Janeway, I'm thinking arguing about character development is not all that relevant since the main characters from season 4 on were Seven, Doc, and Janeway. The others were more like CSI staff looking at evidence. Sure, they threw in a bit here and a bit there, but there weren't really that many bits to go around when the primary focus is on Janeway, Doc and Seven, which is fine by me because I liked them all the most. Season 4-7 are my favorite. Season 3 is pretty awesome because I loved how Kes and her abilities came alive. I had actually stopped watching somewhere around 3-4 when it aired due to life being too busy to catch it when it aired. Wasn't like TiVo was around then and setting up the VCR was a pain. But I digress. Is there anyone who is not thinking what I am - S4-7: Janeway, Seven, Doc = main characters, all others CSI level characters staring at the evidence. Yes?
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