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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

FYI - Tobias Richter is at it again! He's working on a model of the Reliant and posting updates over at ScFi Meshes.

What is interesting is that he is reusing parts from his Enterprise model - the saucer and warp nacelles. I'm keen to see what the end result will be.

My comment from 26th August concerned scaling the model based on the deck spacing of the saucer rim. If I remember correctly, the Reliant physical model was smaller than the Enterprise (was it 2/3 scale). So given different parts and a smaller model, whether there is a certain amount of flexibility in how you can interpret the scale. Could it be that Enterprise and Reliant have the same saucer diameter?

So when Tobias finishes his model, we could end up with two sets of blueprints from which to work out relative sizes.

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