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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

Admiral_Young wrote: View Post
Speaking of Keystone City...I noticed that the relaunch has moved Ollie Queen to Seattle. Interesting. I assume that means Star City doesn't exist in this continuity any more?
Back to Seattle. Isnt that here he lived in Grell's series?

Allyn Gibson wrote: View Post
Green Arrow #1.

If DC was going to make Green Arrow young like that, why did they use Oliver Queen? This book would kick ass with Connor Hawke.
Admiral_Young wrote: View Post
Green Arrow reminded me a great deal of what "Smallville" did with him. The character of Naomi reminds me of Chloe Sullivan, and I agree with Allyn, this book would have been better with Connor not a redesigned, deaged Ollie.
How does making it Connor improve or change anything? I can't really see Connor as a world traveling, hitech Industrialist/crimefighter.
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