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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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Perhaps this will help, because that's all that image is really.
Oh I get the joke but I disagree of your opinion on it.

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Trunks, underwear... whatever you want to call them, they're outdated.
Who says you?....not to me.

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Visual effects companies MPC and Double Negative will work on Man of Steel. (scroll down to the bottom to see it)

MPC and Double Negative have worked on Christopher Nolan's last three movies, plus the last five Harry Potter movies. Plus lots of other movies like X-Men: First Class, Paul and Prince of Persia.

JacksonArcher wrote: View Post
Man of Steel is now currently shooting in Chicago, IL!

Zack Snyder's Superman movie Man of Steel has moved down the road from Plano, Illinois to Chicago, where the production will start shooting today for the next 10 days through September 17. After that, the production will head to Vancouver for the rest of the shoot.

Chicago Business reports that the Chicago Board of Trade building (previously used for Wayne Tower in Batman Begins) will be used as The Daily Planet in the movie, while Willis Tower in the city will serve as the newspaper's interiors.
I'll be super-stalking the production for the next week and a half!

Synder- Okay everyone. You all have a photo of the person to be on the lookout for. He is to be restrained on site by order of the Nolan.

Looks perfect. Just CGI a globe on top
The way I feel about this production just CGI the "Daily Star" logo on top of there.
["Sweet Home Alabama" plays in background]
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