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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

As a segue the only book I picked up was Swamp Thing #1 and I did enjoy it. This is clearly one of the books that has ties to the "old" DCU. A freak natural(?) event happens causing birds to drop from the sky, in Metropolis. Bats to drop dead in the Batcave and fish to go belly up in the Ocean. Little cameo by Batman and Aquaman in each panel.

Superman however has a role in the book and he seeks out Alec Holland who has gone on a sabbatical following his resurrection in Brightest Day. An even Superman alludes to when he says, "Considering the events of the last year with you" or something similar.

Further more Superman makes a statement that seems to imply he has died before as well.
Since I know we are loosely tracking what's new, old and retained thought some might like to see this.

Also, if your wondering, yes the lady in purple appears.
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