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Re: Why were so many characters on Voyager underdeveloped?

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Seska 13 episodes in 7 years

Hogan 7 episodes in 2 years (More like one, but basics crept into season three.)

Jonas 5 episodes in 1 year.

Naomi (scarlet) 17 episodes in 3 years.

Naomi (Brook) 2 episodes in one year.

Icheb 11 episodes in 2 years.

compared to

Garak 47 episodes

Nog 37 epiodes

Weyoun 36 episodes

Dukat 32 episodes


It's just a different paradigm.
And from the Original Series at 79 episodes (3 years)

Lt. Kyle 11 episodes
Yeoman Rand - 8 Episodes

So some of the recurring characters in TOS which had hlaf the number of episodes appear almost as often as characters in VOY
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